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Web Design

Mirage Hairdressing Salon

Mirage Hairdressers

Mirage Hairdressers's website is built using WordPress 4.3.1 (which is the latest version at the time). Ecartech chose the theme (including colour theme) for the client and download all the necessary plugins to support the functionality of the website. The advantage of having the website in WordPress is the versatility and the degree of control for the owner. This website sometimes needs an updates and changes in details such as prices and opening hours, hence the owner can do it himself without further need to engage a web designer. At the completion of the website, Ecartech provided extensive training on how to update this website when needed. A custom written manual is also given as a training resource and future reference.

Jahn Financial Services

Jahn Financial Services

This is a simple informative website, built mostly with HTML and CSS script. There is an Enquiry Form provided in the web as well, for prospective clients or visitors to enter their details and their queries. This website is a perfect example for a business page which does not require a lot of updates or changes. Easy to maintain.


high tech pest control website

High Tech Pest Control

This is a simple but informative and effective website. It consists of 3 main pages, with 1 submenu page. One of the page contains Form, where it's visitor can contact and make a request for information sheet. For small business owners whom do not need a complicated website, this will be the right style for you.


Palms Bed & Breakfast

This website consist of 7 main pages and it is custom made only for Palms Bed & Breakfast. The pages are all easy on eyes and easy to read. It involved Javascript images gallery at homepage and it includes link which direct the visitor to online booking if they wish to make reservations. Visitors also easily can find the location of the premise, because the website is linked directly to Google Map. This website includes some information about fun activities & things to do around the B&B, therefore it is very informative for tourists. All the photos are taken directly from Palms's premise by Ecartech's photographer, featuring the facilities and how the place looks like.

Guildford Rosedale Lodge (Demo)

The owner of this website asked to build a simple website for her business due to the constraint of budget. Eventhough simple but the website needs to be attractive & show the individuality of the business. So, custom design is the answer for this type of website. It only consist of 2 main pages, however it includes all the necessary information. The website involves Javascript images gallery at homepage, swap images script to show case the rooms, links to attractions & activities around the lodge, link to google map for location and last but not least link to online booking engine.

Note: Unfortunately, the business owner had to sell the Lodge & there is a new business owner who runs it. Therefore, this website is no longer used/online. However, for demonstration purpose we can display the website just like how it ran the way it was before from our server. Please click the name above, it is linking to our demo site.

Tu Es Jolie (Demo)

This website was maintained & updated by Ecartech throughout years, although the original design was done by other designer. Unfortunately, the business is now closed so this website is not live. However, for the purpose of show case of our portfolio, we provide the link to tu es jolie website which is kept in our server.

The website includes online shopping capabilities (e-commerce), where it goes to secure check-out with Paypal payment system. Customers can either pay with credit card or through Paypal.

Zip shoes (Demo)

The website was designed by Ecartech in the early years. The design was quite simple, no online shopping involved, it is simply to display all the products. So, the content mostly consist of images of the products. Unfortunately, the owner of the business decided to close this business and open another business under a different name. Therefore, this website is not live and just a demo of Ecartech's work for this particular project.

Yaplus - Young Adult Plus (Demo)

This website is for a non-profit organization for Christian Young Adult based in Perth, Western Australia. Ecartech built this website voluntarily for the benefit of all members of Yaplus. The content consist of the capturing the activities of Yaplus in the past and to notify the members of the upcoming events. Also, to attract new members.

Because the organization is only active for several years, unfortunately this website is no longer live. However, for the purpose of show case of our portfolio, we provide the link to Yaplus website which is kept in our server.

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